/slɪŋ / (say sling)

1. an instrument for hurling stones, etc., by hand, consisting of a strap or piece for holding the missile, with two strings attached, the ends of which are held in the hand (or attached to a staff), the whole being whirled rapidly before discharging the missile.
2. catapult (def. 2).
3. a bandage used to suspend an injured part of the body, as an arm or hand, by looping round the neck.
4. a strap, band, or the like forming a loop by which something is suspended or carried, as a strap attached to a rifle and passed over the shoulder.
5. the act of slinging.
6. (usually plural) Nautical
a. a rope or chain supporting a yard.
b. a rope, wire, or chain forming a loop, used for hoisting cargo, etc.
7. Colloquial money given as a bribe; protection money.
verb (t) (slung, slinging)
8. to throw, cast or hurl; fling, as from the hand: *Then Mr Sweetman, who was leading, trotted smartly through the clearing and came up to sling his reins loosely over a veranda post. –thea astley, 1974.
9. to place in or secure with a sling to raise or lower.
10. to raise, lower, etc., by such means.
11. to hang in a sling or so as to swing loosely: to sling a rifle over one's shoulder.
12. Football to catch (an opponent) around the neck and throw (them) to the ground.
13. Colloquial to give (money) as a bribe.
14. Colloquial to give or pass along: sling me the tomato sauce.
15. to suspend.
16. sling it in, Colloquial to abandon an occupation, situation, etc.
17. sling off, Colloquial (sometimes followed by at) to speak disparagingly: he slings off at his teachers.
18. sling one's hook, British Colloquial to depart. {Phrase Origin: from a cant expression, ? where the hook is an implement for thieving}
19. sling the hook, Colloquial to pass on the responsibility for a task, etc.
{Middle English slynge(n), from Old Norse slyngva}
slinger, noun
/slɪŋ / (say sling)

an iced alcoholic drink, containing gin or the like, water, sugar, and lemon or lime juice.
{US English (1790s) of uncertain origin; compare German schlingen swallow}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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